Giresun, a city embraced by the abundance of the land attracts visitors with its delicious recipes.

Nettle Sauté

1 kg nettle / ½ cup flour / 3 tbsp. butter / 1 head of garlic/ Mint / Water/ Salt

Boil and strain the nettle, then chop it up. Cook the nettle in a bowl adding water, gradually add the flour, and stir until the mixture reaches a thick consistency and leave it to cook on a low heat. Fry the crushed garlic, salt, and mint with butter in a frying pan. Add the garlic mixture to the nettle and remove from heat.

Salted Stir-Fried Cherries 

1 kg salted cherries / 3 onions / Butter

Leave the salted cherries to soak in water overnight. Rinse to remove the salt. Remove the pits and squeeze out excess water. Fry the diced onions in butter until they begin to brown. Add the cherries to the onion, and continue to fry for a few minutes. Serve hot.

Fried Anchovies

1 kg anchovies / Butter/ Salt / Lemon

Place the anchovies in a frying pan. Add the salt, butter, and sliced lemon. Cook covered with a lid on a medium heat.

Piraziz Meatballs

500 g ground beef (preferably rib meat) / 1 head of garlic / 2 slices of bread / Salt 

Crush finely the garlic. Kneed the bread, garlic, salt and ground beef together. Shape into meatballs, flatten, and cook under the grill.

Black Cabbage Stew

1 bunch black cabbage / 2 cups rice / 2 tbsp. butter / 4 onions / Salt / Flaked red pepper

Thoroughly wash and thinly slice the black cabbage. Place the black cabbage in a saucepan; add the rice, chopped onions, and salt. Cover the pan and continue to cook. Before removing from the heat, add the flaked red pepper that has been fried in butter. Leave for a while with the lid closed, and then serve hot.   

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