Women That Left a Mark on History 

In Her Footsteps invites us into the lives of history’s most influential, creative, and successful women role models. The book bears witness to the lives, hardships, and challenges of many important women from the world of art, science, and business including Rosa Parks, Jane Austen, Zaha Hadid, Nadine Gordimer, and Marie Curie

My Istanbul 

Benim İstanbul'um (My Istanbul) emerged as a result of author and journalist Doğan Hızlan’s 81-year adventure in Istanbul, and not only explains what he has seen or experienced, but also the Istanbul and Istanbulites that he has encountered in books. Hızlan introduces Istanbul, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, from an insider’s point of view and masterfully guides. 

Legendary Ottoman Cuisine   

Priscilla Mary Işın, a researcher of Ottoman Turkish cuisine, addresses many interesting topics in this book including the rich food culture of the empire through the words of Evliya Çelebi, the role of women in the kitchen during the Ottoman period, and culinary themes in shadow theater.

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