Justin Timberlake is a pop idol who achieved fame as a member of the successful boy band ‘N Sync before establishing a career as a solo performer. The singer, who has been nominated 39 times and has won 10 Grammy Awards, established the Justin Timberlake Foundation with the goal of funding and supporting music programs in public schools. we met wıth famous actor, musıcıan, and producer ın los angeles.

Trolls World Tour is coming out in April. Do you think there is a certain age for this movie? 

I’m really proud to be a part of this film with a message of embracing diversity, and that we all are different and from different walks of life and using music, which is such a great way in to that message... To have a movie that can use something that I think all people love, which is music, from a very young age, to sort of help them embrace their own diversity -it’s essential. I think it’s a message from generation to generation, it’s a lovely reminder. And especially now, I think it’s a beautiful message for people to be reminded that we are all different and that’s a beautiful thing. We should embrace that, we should celebrate that. We should learn more about each other and try to understand each other. At the same time, you are laughing and singing and dancing in the movie theater, and doing it in a way that’s celebratory and not preachy. Because at the end of the day, as well, we want to make a movie that makes everybody laugh and smile, and that’s what we did with the first one. I feel like we did it again.

What was your practical role in this movie? Was it just the musical parts or all the messages involving the theme?

Both. The message of the film and the way I felt like we were able to tackle the music, it was inspiring. It was inspiring to take music and have it represent or be symbolic of a different walk of life. It felt really inspiring to have a message of inclusivity through diversity. I think it’s a timely message.  

What kind of street cred do you have at home now? I mean obviously your son is in that sweet spot for a movie like this, does he get the relationship that dad is involved, that you are playing a troll? 

Yeah, he understood it with the first one, to be honest, a little bit. His first way into Trolls was “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” And so, now, he’s heard the whole soundtrack, he got an advance listening, a preview. He’s got connections, he got a preview -all of my friends that have kids that are the same age. I’m excited to share this with my group of friends and for them to share it with their children as well. It’s rare that you get a film and a franchise like this that just makes you go happy and reminds people, like I said with this one in particular, about embracing diversity, and embracing that we are all different. It’s a special thing for me to be able to give that to my child.

What was the first musical string that was attached to your life? 

It’s really deep. What genre?  

What first enveloped what you were.

I do know that my mother played classic rock on the radio. We did more of that than we did lullabies when I was really little. I don’t know how much of this is true, but it’s what my mother told me. She told me that at two or three I was singing with Don Henley on the radio, I was singing harmony with Don Henley, so I imagine that. I don’t know. Interestingly enough, a band who incorporated different styles of rhythm and blues, and country, and rock and roll, as an example. But I remember she would listen to -we would listen to- classic rock and the pop channels, as well.

You performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. The original deal for your Eurovision performance was to bring all the nations and different languages together through music. What do you think of the contest? 

I very much enjoyed my time there; I’d never seen anything like it. And I thought it was a celebration, more than anything. I know it was a contest, but I felt like when I was there, everybody was honoring and celebrating each other’s countries and their music. So, I had a great time. I remember the stage there was incredible, the way the stage lit up was amazing... I think we have had a run of television shows that are competition-based shows, but I remember being there and feeling like this feels more like a celebration of everyone. I very much enjoyed it.

You have traveled the world. What experiences have you had? What is important for you to have a good trip abroad? Whether it’s a professional trip or a vacation.

Food! I’m a foodie, so whenever I am in a place, I like to experience the local cuisine. Where have I been? I am a big fan of Italian food. That was one of the last vacations that I took, where I think I just ate for about seven days straight, it was a great holiday.

Your character is not the best at expressing his emotions. How good are you at expressing your emotions and is music a good way for you to express them?

I would say that music is a good source of expression for everybody. Maybe you feel the same way: sometimes when you can’t find the right words in life, you can find them through a song that makes you feel the way that you are trying to express yourself. So, sometimes through songwriting I can express the complexity of an emotion. And other times, pre-coffee in the morning, it’s hard to express yourself. I don’t know, I find the more I enjoy being an artist and enjoy being a dad and enjoy being a husband, I find that each day that goes by, you find a little bit more of yourself and a way to express that and do it in a way with a lot of love and care.

Can you tell us about your upcoming album?  

I don’t have plans for an upcoming album, but our soundtrack is coming out very soon. I can tell you that the Trolls World Tour soundtrack is incredibly diverse. I’ve written songs on this soundtrack with Max Martin, Sarah Aarons, Chris Stapleton, and Anderson Pack. I don’t know if you’ve seen the list of artists on the soundtrack, but Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige -I mean our cast is unbelievable. Being the executive producer, I’m excited for this to come out. And I can tell you, every time I put an album out, I want it to sound different from anything I’ve done. I don’t think it will sound like anything I’ve done, but it will sound like me, if that makes sense.  

The Trolls franchise has a wide appeal across children. Were there particular animated films that you remembered from your own childhood?

Well, of course, a lot of them. I would say one of my top five movies of all time, not just animated movies, was Dumbo when I was a kid. And that movie affected me very deeply. I was a big fan when I was a kid of a movie called The Last Unicorn. I don’t know if you remember that movie, but the band America did the soundtrack. And I remember that movie really moved me when I was a young person. I thought the original Lady and the Tramp was fantastic as well. I could go on and on, but I would say that the first one that I would think of is Dumbo because it was the first time I remember feeling very emotional during an animated movie.

For your birthday your wife said, “You grew up without growing old.” What is the secret? What did she mean?

It sounds like she was being very nice. I don’t have any secret for growing except to continue to be curious -that’s very nice, thank you Jessica. My only rule is to continue to wake up and be curious, and there’s always something to learn and realize too, that you have a footprint and you can’t go back and erase it, but you can improve the next path and just continue to be curious.

You are doing the work of your dreams and they say, “Dream Big, Dream Different.” Is that the case?

I love that. “Dream Big, Dream Different, Laugh Together.” 

You have a beautiful career and you have a beautiful family. What more can you dream of now, today?

I think for me, I always just want to continue to be inspired. I think now, at this point in my life, it is about being really picky and choosy about the things that I’m going to do. I am really going to be inspired to do it, because I know to do the type of work that I would do to make music or make a film or both -in this instance with Trolls World Tour- it takes a lot of time, it takes you away from your family, so it better be something really, really inspiring.

It seems at this stage in your career, that it’s harder to be you. I feel you are a lot more guarded than you were twenty years ago because your every single move is followed. Are you okay with that or do you try to stay away from getting your son into that world because you know what is going to happen?

I love my work and I love my family, and I feel like I’ve always been pretty private. I feel like I just try to live my life and be the musician, actor, and producer that I hope to be. But I think there’s a time and a place for everything. And I also think that I personally take pride in being the person that I am -and not someone who you would expect me to be. Interestingly enough that concept ties into this movie.



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