History of Calligraphy

In his new two-volume work Hat Sanat Tarihi, Prof. Dr. Muhittin Serin, one of the masters of the Ta’liq style of calligraphy, brings attention to the place and influence of calligraphy in Turkish art. The book examines the roots and developments in calligraphy studies, and important calligraphers of the Ottoman period. In addition, it offers readers rich visual material in high quality.

A Better Planet
The book, which is edited by famous scientist Daniel C. Esty, marks out a route for sustainability and for conserving the environment, which have emerged as global priorities. The work emphasizing public health, climate change and ecology presents plans based on rigorous analytic research and action-based approaches.

Story of a River
Claudio Magris wrote such a book that if the Danube were to disappear one day, it would be reborn from its ashes with the power of words. Tuna Boyunca is the story of whoever and whatever came into contact with the river with information ranging from legends to wars, historical events to encyclopedic knowledge, chateaus to pirates, artists to aristocrats, the Danube’s conduits to its sediments. 

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