Istanbul: A Microcosm of Diversity   

The book examines Istanbul, a crossroad of cultures, focusing on its migration and globalization experiences over the last 200 years. One of the most interesting recent works on the city, the book stresses that there is more than one Istanbul, and emphasizes the city’s different spheres including its historical, financial, traditional, modern, and postmodern aspects.

Göbeklitepe Rewrites History   

Göbeklitepe was discovered by a farmer ploughing his field in 1983 and is the oldest and largest temple in history. The book written by German archaeologist Prof. Klaus Schmidt who has led the excavations since they began sheds light on 12,000 years before the beginning of human history.

A Fantastic Journey into History  

Esra Bahadır Cesar’s book series Harita Koruyucuları opens the doors to a fantastic world for its readers. The young adult fiction Mühürdar, Zaman Misafirleri, and Geçmişten Gelen attract the attention of audiences both by the setting of the novels in the Ottoman period and their fluent language and suspenseful topics.

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