Travel Companion   

AirPods finally introduce a model with active noise cancellation AirPods Pro stand out with their comfortable design and allow focusing on music alone. The earbuds cancel out external noise on long journeys and offer an experience that is free of unwanted noise. The high sound performance increases the level of music enjoyment. The AirPods Pro model, which permits you to control Siri with voice commands, offers more than 24 hours of additional listening with more than one charge in its charging case.

Breathtaking Videos  

Even the most high-definition cameras can be insufficient in capturing certain moments. Now it is possible to capture those moments by taking breathtaking videos using a drone. With its compact folding structure, the V-Coptr Falcon, produced by Zero Zero Robotics, is a drone that is ready to travel with you around the world. The model offers a flight time of up to 50 minutes, and can take 12 MP-resolution photographs. Capable of recording 4K videos at 30fps, it is managed by a controller which comes out of its casing.

No More Charging Concerns   

Huawei Watch GT 2, which appeals to those who still want the elegance of a classic watch, boasts features that will accompany you in daily life and on journeys. With up to two weeks of usage, this model eliminates the problem of charging and is equipped with upgraded sport and fitness tracking features. While the Watch GT 2 that connects to your smartphone transfers notifications to your wrist, it also allows you to receive and make calls. The watch has improved features including sleep and heart rate monitoring.  

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