The Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park, 128 kilometers from Calgary in the southwest of Alberta, continue to bring together those seeking a unique trip, wildlife, and magnificent nature.

If visitors to Banff during this season can take their eyes off the beauty of the snowy mountains, the frozen lakes, and the forests covering the mountain slopes, they will get the chance to see many species of animals, which are symbols of Canada, in their natural habitat: Canadian deer, sea eagles, bighorn sheep, and grizzly bears to name but a few… There are also rock rabbits (pikas). When they sense danger, these cute animals that inspired the famous Pikachu animated character make a “pika” sound. Visitors can come across these rabbits on trekking trips that offer fascinating and spectacular views.

This is one of the most beautiful regions for trekking. As you advance, the trekking paths with views of colorful wildlife stretching far beyond and the indescribable beauty of nature offer spectacular surprises with the high mountain passes, steep slopes, and shimmering waterfalls. But this is not all the region has to offer -in Banff National Park, there are also surprises that will entice wildlife and winter sports enthusiasts. Skating on the frozen lakes in the park is just one alternative.

Access to this natural park blended with the living world is easy. Parking space for cars is limited, but there is a variety of transportation services and a majority of the time visitors choose to use these forms of transport. Banff, which opened in 1885, is Canada’s first national park and was also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from a few settlement areas, hotels, cable cars, canoes, and roads there is nothing man-made here. Maybe this is the reason why more than three million people visit this region every year, and while they enjoy its natural beauty and calm atmosphere, they also get the chance to witness the life cycle of wildlife. 

Is it better to visit in summer or winter? Banff has a lot to offer year-round!

Banff, situated in the Rocky Mountains that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is Canada’s first national park. The park is a good choice for those who love to be away from the city, amidst tranquility and nature (above).
The frozen lakes in the park, where a variety of outdoor sports are available, are a favorite with ice-skaters.

Banff also  provides a natural habitat for many species of animals endemic to Canada.

On the trekking paths that are full of adventure, trekking enthusiasts come across plenty of nature’s beauty.

Banff National Park has the facilities to offer alternatives for both summer and winter visitors. The lakes used for ice-skating in the winter are used for canoeing in the summer.

Although there are many means of transport in the park, the best way to enjoy the park’s nature is by extensive walking.   

It is possible to see Canadian deer, one of the country’s symbols, in the park that was established in 1885 .

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