Rovaniemi, the central city of Lapland on the farthest edge of Finland, is not only the administrative and financial heart of the region, but also appealing with its Northern Lights and natural beauty. Owing to the direct Turkish Airlines flights that will be launched on December 4, it is easy to travel to this beautiful city that blends the unique nature of the North Pole and a lively cultural life.

1- Rovaniemi, Europe’s biggest city in terms of surface area, hosts various culture and art events throughout the year.

2- Korundi House of Culture is one of Rovaniemi’s busiest art centers. Works by Northern artists can be seen here year-round.

3-Arktikum and Pilke are two of the important must-visit science centers.

4-Wooden cabins bring nature and luxury together in the Santa Claus Forest and Village. Observing the sky panorama from glass igloos is an attractive alternative.

5-The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, are formed as a result of charged particles from the sun interacting with the Earth’s magnetic eld, and can be seen from the middle of August to the beginning of April.

6-Many works by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto can be seen in Rovaniemi. The Administrative and Culture Center, also known as the Aalto Building, is one of the architect’s most famous works.

7-The Jätkänkynttilä Bridge is one of the city’s landmarks. Since 1989, when the candle shaped structure was opened to tra c, the bridge connects Ounasvaara to the city center.

 8-If you are in the North Pole in the summer months, you can see the sun on the horizon 24 hours a day. In Rovaniemi, the midnight sun continues from June 6 to July 7. 

9-Don’t be surprised to see reindeer in Rovaniemi. It’s no coincidence that these animals are the symbol of the city: there are more reindeers here than there are people.



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