Pursuing the Great Sufi
December 17 marks the 746th anniversary of the death, or in his own words the “Ultimate Union,” of Rumi (Mawlânâ), who influenced humanity with his poems on love, the divine, and life. The Rumi Collection, is a selection of the great Su ’s poems and prominent themes in his works consisting of 18 chapters compiled by Kabir Helminski. The book also contains an introduction to the art of translating Rumi’s works into English and a detailed biography.

Istanbul in the Eyes of an Underwater Diver
The 86th book in the series My Istanbul, which describes the city from the perspective of people from different occupations, hosts an underwater diver. The book comprises the notes and photographs taken by diver Hakan Kabasakal who dives at various points of the Bosphorus and conveys the history of the city from discoveries in the depths of the strait’s waters.

An Explorer’s World Guide
The second edition of the popular travel book Atlas Obscura changes our outlook on the world. The book helps us explore different destinations, in addition to 100 new locations, and includes dozens of current photographs, exclusive reports, city guides, and maps. Atlas Obscura also contains details that are generally overlooked, and the strangest and most curious places from all over the world.

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