Turkish Airlines was awarded the “Grand Prize for Creativity in Gathering Data” for the project Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Flight Time at the Felis 2019, one of the most prestigious awards of the advertising and marketing sector.

Turkish Airlines has been strengthening its brand image and recognition through its advertisement videos produced with famous names from the world of sports and cinema, and with its sponsorship of internationally recognized, prestigious sports organizations. This time, Turkish Airlines won the “Grand Prize for Creativity in Gathering Data” with a project that can be classified as an invention.
Turkish Airlines, wanting to effectively use the excitement of EuroLeague basketball games which it sponsors since 2010, launched the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Flight Time project to determine which player stays in the air longest by measuring the time all players spend in the air once they have jumped in order to score.
For this purpose, sensors were placed on players while the cameras were shooting. The visuals and the data were shared on live stream, creating more visibility for the brand. In the end, the player with the longest hang time was awarded as champion of Turkish Airlines Flight Time.
With this project, Turkish Airlines received four Felis Awards in total, one of which is a grand prize in the categories of Creativity in Gathering Data, Brand Experience in Sports Events, and Brand/Product Placement in Sports Events.

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