Tourism Summit,  01-03.12

The Tourism Summit brings together expert speakers and presents participants with innovations in the tourism sector in an exciting environment.

Halifax, Canada


Handicrafts and Decorative Objects Fair, 05-08.12

Artists, craftspeople, designers, and name brands are brought together at this fair, which offers seminars and conferences about new technologies and trends in the industry.

Chicago, USA

Tea and Coffee Festival, 04-06.12

The International Tea and Coffee Festival, organized in Dubai, presents all aspects of coffee, tea, and cafeteria products and services to visitors.

Dubai, UAE

Istanbul in the Footsteps of Ara Güler,›08.12

There are only a few days left to visit the exhibition of Ara Güler’s photographs at Istanbul Modern. The photographs have an important role in our collective memory, and played an active role in forming the city’s consciousness.

Istanbul, Turkey


Fame Musical, 10-13.12

As part of its 30th anniversary tour, the musical Fame, a legend in popular culture, is coming from London to Istanbul with its original cast.

Istanbul, Turkey


Chocolate Festival, 14.12

 The Chocolate Festival awaits chocolate lovers of all ages, offering more than 100,000 types of chocolate and entertaining activities throughout the day.

Colorado Springs, USA

Myth, Legends and Fairy Tales – Modern Ceramics from Europe, ›22.12

The artists relate stories from the past to the present day, laying emphasis not on ceramics’ daily functions but on the changeable nature of the material.

Istanbul, Turkey


Junkanoo Festival, 26.12-01.01

At the Junkanoo Festival, locals accompanied by the rhythm and tempo of drums dance on the streets, and bring the arts and culture of the Bahamas to life.

Nassau, Bahamas


İ̇stiklal (Independence) Exhibition, ›29.12

The exhibition İstiklal, at Türkiye İş Bankası Museum, commemorates Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades, and the hundreds of thousands of unknown heroes to mark the 100th anniversary of the Turkish War of Independence.

Istanbul, Turkey


Olafur Eliasson Exhibition, ›05.01

 Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition focuses on climate change, migration, architecture, and people’s awareness of the world around them, and awaits visitors at Tate Modern.

London, U.K.

Hong Kong Toy and Game Fair, 06-09.01

The fair welcomes all who are interested in toys and brings the giant names of the sector to one place while it offers opportunities to international buyers to procure the latest products of the industry.

Hong Kong


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