Turkish Airlines announced its October gures for passenger and cargo tra c stating that the increasing trend in seat occupancy rates continued in that month.

The global carrier, which continues to expand its destination network and aircraft  fleet, ended October successfully, maintaining its increase trend, by supporting its operations with rational planning and outstanding service quality.
According to the evaluation of traffic results for October 2019,
• Passenger  figures increased by 1.9%, and for October reached 6.6 million.
• The seat occupancy rate on international  flights was 82.9%, while the seat occupancy rate on domestic  flights was 86.2%.
• International to international transfer passenger  figures increased by 8.0%, while the  figures of international  flight passengers, not including international to international transfers, increased by 9.7%.
• Compared with the same period last year, the volume of cargo and post carried in October 2019 increased by 7.9%.
• Cargo volume increased by 4.6% in North America, 10.2% in the Far East, and 10.9% in Europe.
According to the evaluation of traffic results for January-October 2019,
• Passenger  figures reached 63.1 million in the  first nine months of 2019.
• The total passenger occupancy rate in the period of January-October 2019 was 81.6%. The international passenger occupancy rate was 80.9%, while the domestic passenger occupancy rate reached 86.4%.
• There was a 4.3% increase in international to international transfer passenger  figures.
• Compared with the same period last year, in the  first nine months of 2019, the total transportation of cargo and post increased by 9.3%, reaching 1.3 million tons.

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