In the wake of Swiss Days 2019, Istanbul’s latest organization, hosts of the event assessed its first year and shared their goals.

Swiss Days 2019, held at the Yapı Kredi Bomontiada, aims to develop the economic and social relationships between Switzerland and Turkey. As a part of the event, Turkish visitors were introduced to Swiss art, culture, gastronomy, technology, education, and much more. Swiss Days 2019 hosted more than 10,000 participants over three days and was the scene of inspiring speeches, panels, and workshops in the fields of business, art, fashion, education, technology, and science.


Organized by Swiss Business Hub Turkey and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey with contributions by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Istanbul, Swiss Days 2019 offered an atmosphere of a mini-festival and brought together potential business partners from Switzerland and Turkey. In addition to the Swiss Turkish Economic Forum that was attended by the financial world, the program included Swiss Career Hours which brought together the younger visitors and Swiss companies.


Encouraging the Sense of Unity

Mehmet Yıldırımlı, director of Swiss Business Hub Turkey, stated that in the last 10 years the Swiss-Turkish relationship has rapidly been progressing towards the desired point, and that Swiss Days 2019 contributed to this positive scene. Yıldırımlı added that organizers want to encourage this sense of unity not only for these three days, but also in the future and emphasized that he was honored at gaining the confidence and support of Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s most valuable brand, at the event that was organized for the first time.


Arpat Şenocak, chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, said they were delighted with the interest in the Swiss Turkish Economic Forum, and that in the long term they planned to bring Swiss Days to other cities in Turkey. Deputy Consul General of Switzerland Beat Schmid expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the event, held amidst an atmosphere of celebration, for enabling participants to become closely acquainted with Switzerland and Swiss companies.


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