The Unknown World of the Ocean 



In his book The Outlaw Ocean, American investigative reporter  Ian Urbina relates his adventures and experiences in the ocean. Urbina focuses on all kinds of undercover, dangerous adventures he witnessed firsthand, ranging from pirates to smugglers, illegal hunters to modern-day slave traders, and portrays a totally different, unknown life in the boundless waters of the ocean.



The Outlaw Ocean, Vintage Publishing, 560 pages


A Journey in Art History 


Art historians Hugh Honour and John Fleming, who do not confine themselves to traditional methods, set out on a long journey between the continents to observe in person each of the artworks included in their book. This book, enriched with personal observations, presents the history of art based on the vantage points of different cultures and places the discipline within world history.


Dünya Sanat Tarihi, Alfa Yayıncılık, 985 pages



The Art of Living in Istanbul


Historian Haluk Dursun, who served as the director of Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace Museum and passed away in August, was one of the names closely acquainted with the Istanbul culture. In his book, Dursun recounts details of Istanbul from the perspective of culture, art, and history, and reflects on the advantages of living in the city. 


İstanbul’da Yaşama Sanatı, Kapı Yayınları, 325 pages


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