The global airline left the month of August behind with a rising performance, both in passenger traffic and in cargo volume. When the first eight months of 2019 are compared with the same period last year, it can be seen that the growth trend continues.

Turkish Airlines announced the figures for passenger and cargo traffic for the month of August. Although there was a reduction in demand in aviation globally, the flag carrier, Turkish Airlines, reached a seat occupancy rate of 84.8%. This indicates that the global carrier, which offers the opportunity to connect to more countries from one point than any other airline, has increased the seat occupancy rate of international transfer travelers by 9.4 %, a record growth.

Turkish Cargo, which aims to be one of the best air cargo brands in the world, increased the volume of cargo and post that it carried by 11.5% in comparison to last year. The flag carrier continues its double-digit growth in its new home.

Evaluation of the Traffic Results for August 2019

• The total seat occupancy rate for the month of August was 84.8%. The seat occupancy rate for international routes was 84.3%, while domestic routes increased by 0.7 points, reaching 88.4%.

• International transfers increased by 9.4%.

• The volume of cargo and post that was carried in August this year demonstrated an increase of 11.5%. This overall growth in cargo consisted of a growth of 24.8% for North America, 12.2% for the Far East, and 11.3% for Europe.

• For the month of August, in comparison to last year, the seat rate occupancy increased by 0.6 points for domestic flights, 0.4 points for North America, 0.3 points for the Far East.

Evaluation of Traffic Results for January-August 2019

• Approximately 50 million passengers have flown with Turkish Airlines in the first eight months of 2019.

• There has been a 3.5% increase in the number of international transfers.

• The volume of cargo and post that was carried in the first eight months of 2019 increased by 10%, reaching 985,0000 tons.


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