Turkish Airlines presents its guests with the new travel kits designed by Versace, Molton Brown, and Mandarina Duck.

The first passengers in the aviation sector who were flying across oceans had to bring their own pillows, blankets, toothbrushes, and other cosmetics in order to have a comfortable flight. Once airline companies realized that they needed to provide solutions especially for their guests flying on the prestigious routes, they prepared travel kits. This service triggered the beginning of a large industry that designs travel kits. Comparing today’s kits with the products of the early years, the previous ones were rather “ordinary.” However, the contents were developed over time and with the help of collaborations with brands, travel kits became an indispensable part of long-haul flights.

The comfort kits that Turkish Airlines offers its guests for a more enjoyable travel experience attract a great deal of attention. The global carrier has made notable innovations in what it offers in-flight and, in this spirit, it has also renewed its travel kits. As always, we collaborated with dynamic brands for the travel kits that are provided in Business and Economy Classes during the long-haul flights over 5 and 8 hours respectively.

The travel kits that Turkish Airlines has offered its guests were designed in collaboration with famous brands such as Porsche Design, Jaguar, Cerruti, Bentley, Chopard, Furla, Molton Brown, and Christian Lacroix. The newest collection was designed with one of the legends of the fashion world: Versace. Every item that is in the collection that carries the Versace signature has traces of luxury, quality, and modernity. The collection presented since July 2019 to our guests on intercontinental flights has been well received.

In this attractive collection designed by Turkish Airlines and Versace, the personalized bags and contents for male and female passengers attract attention. The travel kits have become even more attractive as the bags can be used as clutches, make-up bags, or elegant accessories in which personal items can be kept. For passengers on long-haul flights over 8 hours, in the Business Class privileged flight concept there are sleep masks, socks with air permeability, earplugs that balance the air pressure, and a toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste –every journey’s essentials. As for skincare, the Versace travel kits contain high-quality lotion, facial mist, and lip balm produced by the brand itself.

For the new design of the travel kits provided in Business Class flights between 5 and 8 hours, Turkish Airlines collaborated with the established brand Molton Brown. As a result of passenger satisfaction, Turkish Airlines, which has been providing Molton Brown skincare products in the aircraft’s washrooms, extended its collaboration with the brand to travel kits. The travel kits, which began to be distributed in July 2019, contain products which are aesthetic and functional, and that make the flight experience even more comfortable.

The travel kits provided in Economy Class international flights over 8 hours were also renewed and were specially designed with Mandarina Duck, a brand that has specialized in travel products. The brand famous for its smart and unique designs, prepared colorful bags containing a sleep mask, socks, earplugs, Atelier Rebul lip balm, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Turkish Airlines takes care to provide different designs for travel sets on outgoing and incoming flights, and collaborated with Kültür A. Ş to design a unique and rich collection that reflects traditional Turkish designs with modern lines for the sets that will be presented on Economy Class return flights.

Turkish Airlines considers the travel kits not only as a means of communication with its passengers but also an important opportunity for cultural interaction. To achieve this, the new travel kits have been designed with the artistic touch of Fahrelnissa Zeid’s artwork. Owing to its collaboration with Istanbul Modern, the first modern and contemporary Turkish art museum, the travel kits for short distance flights in Economy Class were designed using the works of Fahrelnissa Zeid, one of the first Turkish female painters.

The airlines’ young guests, who have increased significantly in recent years, were not forgotten. In addition to the environmentally friendly toys for children, on flights over 8 hours, travel kits with an emphasis on fun are also offered to the younger passengers. The travel kits, which were designed in two different themes for outbound and inbound flights, are designed as Kangal Shepherd dog-shaped backpacks and cloud-shaped handbags and continue to delight airlines’ younger guests. Specially designed to make flights of passengers between the ages of 2 and 12 more comfortable, the travel kits include a sleep mask, headphones, socks, and a dental set.

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