The global carrier Turkish Airlines has added the second largest city in the Congo, Pointe-Noire, to its flight network as its 58th destination on the African continent. Flights to Pointe-Noire will operate three times a week with transit from Libreville.

With the addition of Pointe-Noire, the port city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Turkish Airlines has expanded its flight network to 125 countries and 313 destinations. At the same time, the flag carrier has now set its title as the airline that flies to the most destinations on the African continent. 

At the press conference that was held for the opening of the Pointe-Noire flights, Turkish Airlines SVP (II. Region) Kerem Sarp said, “With the flights to Pointe-Noire, we now fly to 58 destinations on the African continent. As the Turkish flag carrier we are maintaining our growth strategy on the continent, and that we are the airline that flies to the most destinations in Africa. Our new flights provide us with a new opportunity to increase to enhance our cultural ties with the Congo. In the future, we will continue to expand Turkish hospitality and Turkish Airlines’ seamless travel experience to reach a wider geography.”


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