Color Sky 5K.  1-29 September Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara

This year, the Color Sky 5K that began in the USA and has attracted huge attention worldwide will be held in Turkey. Sport enthusiasts of all ages can participate in the run organized in September in Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara. The 5 km run consists of three stages. Participants that begin the race wearing a white T-shirt are showered with colored powder every 1 km by guests with disabilities and volunteers. At the finish line, runners are welcomed by a party accompanied by a DJ.

Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival, 12-15 Eylül, September 12-15, Gaziantep

The International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival continues to offer a feast of flavors. This year, the event that attracted 250,000 visitors last year, will also be hosting Michelin-starred chefs. At the festival, Gaziantep, the first city in Turkey to be included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the gastronomy branch, brings patented local foods to food lovers. Seminars on topics including food products and agriculture will also be held at the event.

Classic Music in Georgia September 8-22,  Telavi

Georgias Tsinandali village brings together classical music artists on an international scale. The aim of the festival, organized in collaboration with the Georgian government and an organization called Silk Road, is to establish a bridge between Asia and Europe. The event aims to strengthen ties between cultures with the universal language of music and will feature artists from many countries of the world including Turkey.

Biennial Excitement in Istanbul, Until November 10, Istanbul

This year, the Istanbul Biennial will be held for the 16th time. The topic of this years biennial, curated by French critic Nicolas Bourriaud, is The Seventh Continent.The event that evolves from the arguments that Earth has entered a new geologic era as a result of human actions, focuses on humansrelationship with the world, the effects of technology, and the process of the transformation of art over time. As part of the biennial, a book was published containing works of various artists that have participated in the biennial to date.

The Great Mediterranean Feast, October 4-6,  Adana

The 3rd International Adana Flavor Festival that brings together Adana cuisine and guest countries will be hosted by the Governorship of Adana. The organization themed The Great Mediterranean Feastwill be hosting teams from the guest country South Korea, and from guest cities Gaziantep and Hatay. The gastro shows, tasting sessions, Q&As, and kitchen workshops of local chefs and guests from guest countries allow visitors to discover new flavors.

The Performance World and Pablo Picasso, Until January 5, Izmir

An extensive exhibition will be held in the Arkas Art Center as part of the Picasso-Méditerranée project that included other Mediterranean countries. The exhibition Picasso & Performance Art, mainly sponsored by Turkish Airlines, consists of Picasso’s paintings on performing arts, costume designs, sketches, sculptures, and photos of his life. In addition to the exhibition, the catalogue includes articles from experts in the field and addresses the influence of the performance world on Picasso’s art.

Travel Datathon, 20-22 Eylül, Atatürk Havalimanı

As a part of the TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, Turkish Airlines is organizing Travel Datathon, a huge data software competition. Data sets aimed at the difficulties that must be overcome on the various stages of flight travel will be presented at the competitors. This aims to ensure a better, more productive, less stressful, more pleasant, and more digital travel experience with solutions developed by the participants. Travel Datathon enables competitors to compete with data scientists that shape the sector while using advancing technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, and offer them opportunity to redefine aviation. Apart from Datathon, TEKNOFEST hosts many inspirational and dynamic competitions welcomes enthusiasts at Ataturk Airport.

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