Extraordinary Routes 

This book by Andrew Blackwell, the journalist and director, is very different from the guidebooks we are used to -Blackwell takes the reader to the most polluted environment in the world. The unusual memoir, full of satire and black humor, aims to increase environmental awareness, demonstrating the current situation of the world and warning the reader about what needs to be done. 

Visit Sunny Chernobyl, Rodale Books, 320 pages

Culture and Nature Tour at the Aegean

Travel writer Melih Uslu takes the reader on a journey that is woven with culture and nature. Accompanied by learned people like the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, Azra Erhat, and Çetin Altan, Uslu takes us to calm bays, village markets, walks among the lemon, olive and almond trees, and brings the unique nature and calm rhythm of the Aegean to the reader. 

Ege’yi Gör ve Yaşa, Mona Kitap, 242 pages

A Nostalgic Journey in Istanbul 

Haldun Hürel is a valued name, known for his journeys into ancient Istanbul. In this book, Hürel does not only give the reader historical information, but takes them on a journey full of adventure and nostalgia. He tells tales of this city that take a glimpse behind the mysterious curtain of modern Istanbul, relating amazing stories from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods in a flowing language.

Haldun Hürel’le Eski İstanbul’a Yolculuk, Kapı Yayınları, 243 pages

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