The third “My Future Is Social Sciences”organized by Ibn Haldun University was attended by Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee M.İlker Aycı. 

The third “My Future Social Sciences Summit,” carrying the theme of “Choose your university with professionals” was held at Ibn Haldun University’s Başakşehir Campus.

 In his speech at the summit, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee M. İlker Aycı explained that he studied Political Sciences and that if he had the choice again today, he would enter the same program. Aycı continued his speech by saying, “Knowing social sciences means having a strong sense of empathy, history and civilization. If you want to achieve something for the future, you must be aware of the past; then, the present, yourselves, and society. Integrating these with science, technology, and knowledge, you must come together for common causes and work for your country. While achieving this, it is important to have a deep sense of tolerance and acceptance.” 

Mentioning the importance of Social Sciences in shaping the future, Aycı stated that Social Sciences is a field that involves daily life and combines practice with intelligence. Continuing his speech, he added, “The most intelligent students choosing only engineering or medicine is not enough for our country. At least an equal number of successful, hard-working students being educated in Social Sciences and studying to be involved in the country’s future is better.” Aycı advised participants not to be deterred by obstacles in their professional lives but to learn and gain experience from them.


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