Brand Finance has completed its survey “Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands -Turkey 100.” As a result of the study, Turkish Airlines, with a value worth $1.7 billion, was at the top of the list once again.

Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent branded business valuation consultancy, conducts brand surveys in Turkey characterized by its principles of independence, expertise, technical credibility, and transparency. The company completed its “most valuable” list for this year, and ranked Turkish Airlines at the top of this list containing 100 brands from different sectors.
Undoubtedly, coming first among the country’s most credible, high-quality 100 companies that have earned customer appreciation is an unrivalled honor for the flag carrier airline. However, we should add a note: although the value -that is the financial value- is used as a measure for this list, Turkish Airlines will continue to focus not on the financial value, but on the value we leave in the hearts of our guests. Since the smiles and happiness of its guests is the most valuable reward for a global carrier. 
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, defines a brand in the following words, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” For a company that aims to increase its value today, reliability, reputability, and the ability to predict what will be said about it in a room is more important than anything else. This is also good for the consumer: every step taken in becoming a brand and preserving the brand, reflects on the consumer in the form of a better quality product/service, and more competitive prices. Companies that are successful in becoming a brand and become globalized contribute significantly to the prosperity of their countries.
You can be sure that Turkish Airlines will continue to welcome its guests with traditional Turkish hospitality and carry out new improvements in terms of human resources, R&D, innovations, and technology to give our guests an unrivaled flight experience, and meet their expectations and demands even better.
Today, valuable and global brands are the leaders in determining consumption, and, therefore, trade and economy in the world. Turkish Airlines, as Turkey’s most valuable brand and the airline that flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, will continue to be the brand ambassador of its county.

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