Take a look at our July calendar to keep your finger on the pulse of the most exciting festivals, concerts, and exhibitions around the world this month.

Gilroy Garlic Festival ( Festival - California, USA - 26-28.07 )

The largest food and culture festival in California offers demonstrations by master chefs, as well as food cooking competitions, open-air shows, and concerts on three different stages. 

Avignon Festival  ( Festival - Avignon, France - 4-23.07 )
This festival, one of the longest-running art festivals in France, is held in the city of Avignon and offers dance performances, theater, music, and visual arts, as well as a number of workshops. 

Gion Festival  ( Festival - Kyoto, Japan - 1-31.07 )
The Gion Festival, which continues through the month of July, offers traditional shows and street parties. The most important days of the festival are July 17 and 24, when there are traditional dress parades. 

Paris Jazz Festival ( Festival - Paris, France - ›22.07 )
The festival, held in Parc floral de Paris, one of Paris’s public botanical gardens, brings together international musicians with the most important names in French jazz. 

Mostar Blues and Rock Festival  ( Festival - Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina - 20-21.07 )
This year, the first international blues festival to be held in Bosnia-Herzegovina celebrates its 17th year. The festival, which lasts two days, not only presents the most important blues and rock musicians from the Balkans, but musicians from around the world. 

Art Market II ( Exhibition - Istanbul, Turkey - ›11.07 )
The Anna Laudel Art Gallery in Karaköy is hosting an exhibition called Art Market II, where local and international artists come together. Different forms of art, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, and neon artwork are brought together in the exhibition for lovers of modern art.  

Stragusto 2019  ( Festival - Trapani, Italy  - 24-28.07 )
This street food festival, held in the city of Trapani on the island of Sicily, offers not only an opportunity to taste the unique food of the Mediterranean, but is set in strikingly beautiful natural surroundings. 

Lavender Festival ( Festival - Isparta, Turkey - 13-15.07 )
The festival, held to promote the lavender grown in the Kuyucak village of Isparta, includes a photography competition. Participants are offered an opportunity to camp in lavender fields with a stunning view of mountains.   

Interrupted Half Way Through ( Exhibition - Berlin, Germany - ›27.07 )
The personal and cultural heritage of Burçak Bingöl are on display at this exhibition in the Zilberman Gallery in Berlin; the exhibition explores themes that include being stranded between East and West. 

Lima Book Fair  ( Fair - Lima, Peru - ›4.08 )
The largest cultural celebration in Peru, the International Lima Book Fair, is being held this year for the 24th time. The fair offers a variety of cultural activities, including the opportunity to meet authors, theater, concerts, and workshops.  

Material and Space ( Exhibition - Jakarta, Indonesia - ›21.07 )
This exhibition, which brings together six large works and installations made by artists from various parts of the world, focuses on the relationship between human beings and space. The exhibition examines the activities where humans interact with materials and the effect of the perceptions of materials on human identity.

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