Welcome Letter

Dear Guests,
Our aircraft travel to every corner of the world; we connect the continents. With every flight, we bring together hundreds of our guests with their loved ones. This is our greatest motivation and makes us very proud.
Welcome on board!

Safe and Comfortable Flight
In the aircraft safety inspections (SAFA) carried out on 107 aircraft in the last year,  we were included among the safest airlines with 0.205 points. While we continue to host our guests in safety and comfort, we are growing every day with new routes and an increase in frequencies. Currently, we are connecting Antalya, Turkey’s center for tourism, directly to 19 countries in the world. Additionally, this month we will be launching flights to Bali, a destination that stands out with its exotic beauty. In the coming pages, you can plan new, unique routes with articles including our flight destinations, and read the different, inspiring content of our magazine.
Our Fleet Is Growing
We are improving our services with the 787 Dreamliner aircraft that joined our fleet last month. The Dreamliner, which has a special pressure and silent interior cabin, offers an unparalleled flight experience with its wide and electronically darkened windows. Our new aircraft, developed with technology that consumes 25% less fuel, stands out with its eco-friendly features. All the economy seats of the 787, which is a long-distance aircraft, were designed and manufactured by our local subsidiary company TSI.
The Most Valuable Brand
Once again, Turkish Airlines was named “Turkey’s Most Valuable Brand” in the “Brand Finance” report. We are very happy to have maintained our title. Another delightful development this year is that we were selected 2019’s “Customer Brand” by the A.L.F.A Awards that assess customer experiences. I would like to thank you, our dear guests, for choosing us and sharing in our success. I also congratulate all of my colleagues that host you with Anatolian hospitality.
I would like to take the opportunity of July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day, when once again we proved the power of unity and solidarity by protecting our democracy as a nation, to commemorate all our martyrs, and to celebrate Press Freedom Day, celebrated in Turkey on July 24.
Have a nice flight!
Bilal Ekşi
General Manager




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