Having quickly completed its Great Move to Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines soon added a new destination to its flight network. The global carrier cemented its title as the “Airline That Flies to More Countries Than Any Other in the World” by adding Marrakesh to its flight network as the 312th destination.
Known as the “Crimson City” due to the color of the soil, Marrakesh offers tourists and travelers the opportunity to experience the entire allure of North Africa in a single location. Planned as five days a week, the Istanbul-Marrakesh-Istanbul flights were inaugurated with a ceremony at Marrakesh Menara Airport. Turkish Airlines Chief Marketing Officer Ahmet Olmuştur stated, “With Istanbul Airport, a new era has begun in global aviation. Our new operation hub offers an important opportunity for us to further improve our globally unparalleled flight network. We are happy to carry our passengers to the Crimson City with our exclusive travel experience and to add Marrakesh to our flight network." 

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