Skopje, the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia and the homeland of Turkish poet Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, whose name is almost synonymous with Istanbul, offers a route full of explorations for history enthusiasts.

Upon Arrival

An important touristic center, the Turkish Bazaar is the perfect place to start exploring Skopje. Wandering around the bazaar's tiled roofs and humble structures of a few stories, you'll also see the locals who candidly welcome their visitors. You can stop by shops that sell local products or find many artifacts from the city's Yugoslavian or Ottoman era at antique stores.
At Noon
Walk north within the Turkish Bazaar and you'll soon be greeted by Suli An. Built in the 15th century, the caravanserai was commissioned by Isa Beg and mentioned in Turkish poet Yahya Kemal's poem Kaybolan Şehir (The Lost City). It currently serves as a Museum of the Old Bazaar and the Faculty of Fine Arts. At Suli An, you can feel the peaceful atmosphere that has remained untouched for centuries.
In the Evening
After your tour around Suli An, towards the evening, you can head towards the Ottoman Clock Tower and the adjacent Sultan Murad Mosque, one of the city's Ottoman landmarks. Another Ottoman structure in the region, Isa Bey Mosque stands out with its twin dome and single minaret. The 500-year-old tree in the mosque's courtyard is also a frequent spot visited by tourists.
In the Morning
After a traditional Turkish breakfast at one of the Turkish restaurants in the Old Town, you can visit Skopje Museum of Modern Art whose collection boasts works by world-famous painters such as Picasso, Calder, Escher, Baselitz, and Hockney. Before you leave the museum, you can buy objects featuring the sun emblem, the symbol of the country, and statuettes of Alexander the Great.
At Noon
Head south to reach the Vardar River. Walking past the spectacular walls of the Skopje Fortress, you'll see many sculptures and new buildings. Further ahead of the statues of Saints Cyril and Methodius, you'll see the Stone Bridge over the Vardar. Completed in 1469, the bridge is an ideal spot to take in the view and to take pictures. Watch the fountain show at the statue of Alexander the Great from across the bridge and become part of the city's daily life at one of the cafés around the square.
Before You Leave
Just before sunset is the perfect time to gaze at a breathtaking view! Take a 10-minute cable car ride up the Vodno Mountain in the southern part of the city to take in a wonderful view of Skopje. Take the cable car down and try the famous meatballs of Skopje.

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