A tranquil country in southeastern Europe which knows how to have fun, Greece attracts many visitors from all around the world every year with its friendly people. The long-established Greek culture has had an impact on many founding ideas and lifestyles in Europe.

The country represents an important culture basin that has been home to different civilizations and cultures in various periods of history. Standing out with its calm atmosphere and the historical heritage of those cultures, Greece is the perfect destination for a blissful vacation.

Greece offers ancient history enthusiasts the chance to observe many ancient ruins and artifacts on the spot. Prominent structures from ancient times include the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, the Meteora Monasteries, and Knossos. In Greece, you will find yourself immersed in legends dating as far back as 5,000 years. We made a list of useful phrases you can use to get the most out of your vacation and to make new friends. 

Kalimera (Good morning) and Kalispera (Good evening) are the two important phrases you will use at the beginning and at the end of your days in Greece. You can use these words to start many cheerful conversations.
You’re in a café in Athens and your espresso arrives, or someone you ask the way gives you clear directions… At this point, you need to say Efharisto, which means “Thank you.” 
You can say "Please" or "You're welcome" in Greek with just one word: Parakalo. You can use this phrase before you ask the price at a shop, or to ask others to give way when you're walking on a crowded street.
Mou aresi
Have no doubt that you will have a great time in Greece. You can express this satisfaction by saying Mou aresi, meaning "I like that." When you say this phrase to a clerk, you can also say Poso kostizi to ask for the price of something you like.
Harika ya tin gnorimia
When you're in Greece, you'll soon realize how hospitable and friendly the locals are. During your stay here, you will meet many people you'll feel close to. You can say Harika ya tin gnorimia to your new Greek friends when you want to say "Nice to meet you."

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