Offering service to 124 countries, Turkish Cargo carried a number of extraordinary artifacts to Japan including the bed of Suleiman the Magnificent, the kaftan of Sultan Osman II, a ceremonial flask along with a Yusen-shippo vase, and a wooden writing table which were gifted to Sultan Abdulhamid II by Emperor Meiji of Japan.

Sponsor carrier Turkish Cargo transported 186 artifacts with a special exclusive flight from Istanbul to Japan for the exhibition The Ottoman Empire and Tulip Culture that is held as part of the announcement of 2019 as the “Year of Turkish Culture” in Japan.
Having brought the missing pieces of the “Gypsy Girl” mosaic to Turkey, successfully carried the Roman Tomb of Heracles from Geneva to Istanbul, and delivered more than 50 masterpieces from the Paris Louvre Museum to Tehran, Turkish Cargo transports precious artwork with the help of special materials and licensed personnel.

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