Welcome Letter

We will be connecting the world with all our flights operated via Istanbul Airport as of April 6. We are happy to share this unique excitement with you. 
Welcome on board!
This is a new milestone in Turkish Airlines’ journey which began in 1933. Since our first flight many years ago, we owe all our success to you preferring to fly with us. I’d like to thank all of you. We have gradually grown and become the global airline that flies to more countries than any other in the world. Your satisfaction has been our source of motivation.
We’re excited to share with you this April an unforgettable moment in our history. We’re proud to welcome you with all our flights from our new home at Istanbul Airport. Now, we have set new goals. As Turkish Airlines, which flies to more countries than any other, we bring together 310 destinations in 124 countries via Istanbul. In 2018, we welcomed more than 75 million guests. We’re continuously striving to perfect the unique experience we offer you.
Completed in a record-breaking 42 months, Istanbul Airport will welcome 90 million passengers in its current first phase and will have the capacity to serve 200 million passengers per year. From Istanbul we reach more than 60 countries within a 5-hour flight radius. Istanbul Airport further strengthened Istanbul, a hub of air transport. We will continue to welcome you with comfort and safety. I’d like to thank you once more for flying with us and congratulate all my colleagues for their contributions to our achievements. We’ll be flying higher thanks to the increase in our capacity, the exclusive services at Istanbul Airport, and our flight network.
On April 23, we will welcome the children of the world in Samsun where the Turkish national struggle in Anatolia began, and I invite you all to take part in this celebration. I’d like to wish all children a Happy National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, a celebration presented to them as a gift by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on April 23, the anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and all pilots a Happy World Pilots’ Day on April 26.
Have a nice flight!

Bilal Ekşi
Deputy Chairman and CEO




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