To showcase flight safety in an exciting and unique way, Turkish Airlines released another new safety video, this time featuring the animated characters from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 visiting amazing destinations around the world.

Having previously collaborated with Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner, legendary athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi, and famed illusionist and social media celebrity Zach King, Turkish Airlines has ventured into the world of animation, working with the beloved characters from THE LEGO® MOVIE franchise for their newest safety videos. 
Back in August 2018, the global carrier released the first LEGO® safety video ever made. The video topped the viral charts with 20 million views in just one month and then brought home the gold at the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards.  Within the first few months of digital release, the video also topped the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, which showcases the best of creative advertising on YouTube, and ranked fifth in the entire year. 
In tandem with the release of the sequel to the blockbuster hit THE LEGO® MOVIE, Turkish Airlines, which continued its partnership with the franchise, debuted a sequel of its own – a second inflight safety video featuring Emmet, Lucy and others from the cast of THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 (released in Turkey on February 8), in starring roles, with LEGO® Batman himself as the director.  
Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee M. İlker Aycı talked about the new video by saying, “With one of the world’s youngest fleets, Turkish Airlines constantly improves its unique brand experience. As we continue our preparations to move to our new home at Istanbul Airport, designed as a peerless experience from beginning to end, we’re excited to present our passengers with this new and innovative safety video.” Let’s take a brief look at the video’s details.
While the new video continues to inform passengers of the safety procedures in a fun and unique style, it also stars more LEGO® cast members than before and features some of Turkish Airlines’ most exciting and recognizable destinations, among more than 300 destinations, bringing them to life, brick by brick. In the spirit of traveling and adventure, the video showcases landmarks from various cities around the world, beginning at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, then visiting Rome, Cape Town, San Francisco, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bali –with the finale at Istanbul Airport. The iconic locations and structures such as the Colosseum, Green Point Stadium, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Red Square, and Shibuya were built with a whopping 20,330,795 LEGO® bricks –ten times the amount of bricks used in the first LEGO® Movie-themed safety video. 
Four minutes and twenty-seven seconds in length, Turkish Airlines’ new safety video was made with a collective effort of four months and a total of 979 production hours. Spanning Turkey, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia, seventy members of the 400-person team were in charge of animation. The final live-action scene of the video, filmed with a crew of 80 people, featured six real actors playing Turkish Airlines cabin crew members and pilot. The new safety video has 11 special versions for inflight screening for the 28 aircraft types in Turkish Airlines’ fleet of 335. Turkish Airlines is proud to make a new safety video that is admired by viewers of all ages.

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