Turkish Airlines’ scheduled flight Kinshasa-Libreville-Istanbul took off from Kinshasa with 144 passengers and landed in Istanbul with 145.

Another Turkish Airlines flight witnessed a birth in the air. This time, it was a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo who welcomed a baby. Passenger Musuamba Michoukayembe, who boarded the Turkish Airlines flight Kinshasa-Libreville-Istanbul on December 13, 2018, started experiencing labor pain nearly three hours after takeoff over the airspace in Niger. The first one to help was her husband, Kayoka Renemukadi, who is a doctor. Members of the cabin crew also helped by isolating the area in the back of the plane. While the plane was at 13,000 feet, the baby opened its eyes to the world as the plane's 145th passenger. After the first medical examination, the baby was named Benel.
Upon learning that the baby and the mother were in good health, the first pilot decided to continue the flight as planned. The new passenger on board completed his first flight which took four hours after birth. After entering the Turkish airspace, the first pilot contacted the Air Traffic Control Tower at Atatürk Airport for a prioritized permission for landing and to request a doctor and an ambulance on the apron.
After the Turkish Airlines flight Kinshasa-Libreville-Istanbul landed at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, an ambulance waiting on the apron took the baby and the family to the hospital accompanied by a medical team. The Congolese family was taken to a hospital in Yeşilköy.

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