With the increasing demand and unit revenues, Turkish Airlines posted profit of 1 billion 149 million USD from main operations in the first nine months of 2018.

Having managed to significantly increase both its passenger and cargo revenue, Turkish Airlines achieved a total revenue of nearly 4 billion USD in the third quarter of the year. As a result of this remarkable performance, the sales revenue in the first nine months increased by 20% to 9.9 billion USD, compared to the same period in 2017. Continuing its ceaseless profitable growth performance, Turkish Airlines managed to increase its net profit three times in the first nine months of the year and completed this period with a net profit of 755 million USD. 
Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee M. İlker Aycı commented on these achievements by saying, “We are delighted and proud to announce our third-quarter results of the year, during which we have put great emphasis on strengthening and improving our infrastructure conditions. Despite the various regional and sectoral conditions, especially in the last few years, our persevering attitude has been the source of our steady rise. Today, by making significant investments, achieving impressive growth figures, and accomplishing numerous successes, we continue to strengthen our prestigious position in the global aviation industry. As one of the main sources of pride for our country, we are sure that this momentum will increasingly continue after moving to our new home at Istanbul Airport.” Emphasizing that this outstanding achievement does not exclusively belong to Turkish Airlines, Aycı also said, “We would like to thank all our passengers, employees, business partners, and stakeholders who have contributed to this important achievement.”
Completing the month of October with success, Turkish Airlines announced its passenger and cargo traffic results for the month. The numbers reveal that 2018 has been a more successful year for the airline.
On top of last year’s strong base effect, the growth in the number of passengers, revenue per kilometer, and load factor are also important indicators of the continued and growing interest in Turkey and Turkish Airlines in the last quarter of the year.

According to October 2018 Traffic Results:
• The passenger growth trend continued in October. The total number of passengers carried went up by 5% reaching 6.5 million passengers, and the Load Factor reached 83.4%. 
• In October 2018, the total Load Factor improved by 2 points. The international Load Factor increased by 3 points to 83.2% while domestic Load Factor reached 85.1%.
• International-to-international transfer passengers increased by nearly 7% while the number of international passengers went up by 8%. 
• In October, cargo/mail volume continued its double-digit growth trend and increased by 24% in Domestic Lines, Africa, North America, and Europe compared to the same period of 2017. 
• In October, the Load Factor growth increased in Africa, North America, Europe, and the Far East by 7 points, 4 points, 3 points, and 3 points respectively, compared to the same period of last year.

According to January-October 2018 Traffic Results:
• During the first ten months of the year, there was an increase in demand and in total number of passengers by 10% and 11% respectively. The total number of passengers exceeded 64 million. 
• During the period between January and October, the total Load Factor improved by 3 points reaching 82.2%. While the international Load Factor increased by 3 points reaching 82%, the domestic Load Factor went up by 2 points reaching 86%. 
• Excluding international-to-international transfer passengers (transit passengers), the number of international passengers went up significantly by nearly 13%. 
• Cargo/mail carried during the first ten months of the year increased by 25% and exceeded 1 million tons.

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