As New Year's celebrations draw closer, European cities experience some of the best days of the year. They imprint lovely images onto our memory with their markets filled with souvenirs on illuminated squares, carousels, and ice-skating rinks.


Legend goes that your wish will become true if you can spin the ring embedded in the fence surrounding Schöner Brunnen Fountain without any trace of welding. We may not know if people make a wish to visit the New Year's market on the Market Square (Hauptmarkt), which also hosts the fountain, every year but this market is one of the biggest in Germany, attracting tens of thousands of visitors. Home to cute stalls filled with objects unique to the country under red-and-white striped tarps, the market is ideal for those who are looking for an authentic gift for their loved ones. Keep in mind that Nuremberg is also the capital of the toy-making industry. That's why it's the perfect time to take your kids and visit Nuremberg.
November 30 - December 24

The Winter Festival in Zagreb turns the Croatian capital into an attractive winter destination and rivals many New Year's markets in Europe with its glamor in recent years! You won't mind feeling a bit cold while watching a concert at the open-air stage at the festival's main square Ban Josip Jelačić or shopping among awninged tents because the heated winter garden is a few steps away, waiting to present you with local dishes. Don't feel surprised if you feel like you're beaming to another world as you walk around Zrinjevac Park where trees are decorated with thousands of lights. You will be sure you're on earth once you take in the sweet smell of štrukle coming from the adjacent wooden huts! Here, ice-skaters glide through gleams on the rink at Tomislav Square and music fans enjoy the concerts at European Square. Zagreb invites you to see why this wonderland has been chosen as Europe's best New Year's market for many consecutive years.
December 2 - January 6

If we define Milan as the heart of fashion and innovation, then we can also say that this heart beats the fastest during New Year's! Piazza del Duomo, the main square, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the spectacular shopping passage, are home to various events. Selected museum works by great masters such as Titian, Rubens, Leonardo, and Caravaggio are exhibited at Palazzo Marino and can be seen free of charge throughout December. The market Oh Bej, Oh Bej! at Sforza Castle is the perfect place to try delicious dishes and desserts, or buy Italian handicrafts. This market is named after the cries of Milanese children "Oh bej, oh bej!" (So pretty! So pretty!) when they see the variety of toys and candies here. Treat yourself to a piece of panettone, traditional seasonal sweet bread and watch the city gliding in light. You cannot help but utter the same words as those children!
December 7 - January 10

If Andersen or the Grimm Brothers were alive today and they were asked to choose a New Year's market for their fairytales, they would choose the market in Tallinn, the Estonian capital. Set up at City Hall Square (Raekoja plats), the market resembles a memorable postcard depicting a winter landscape with its nostalgic wooden huts, carousel, and an illuminated train. The efforts of craftspeople from all across the country meet the modern objects of Tallinn, a city of design. Here you'll find many alternatives from merino wool clothes to wooden kitchen appliances, felted hats to ginger cookies. 
November 16 - January 7

Imagine a city with more than a hundred dwarf statues in its streets. Some are climbing poles, some are sleeping, and some are withdrawing cash from an ATM! Decorated with dwarf statues, the Polish city of Wrocław becomes even more entertaining during New Year's. Spanning Market Square and Oławska and Świdnicka Streets, the market complements the city's colorful buildings. Those planning to go skiing look for wool gloves, mufflers, and woolen hats while others hurry to pick Bolesławiec ceramics to use at New Year's dinner or an amber accessory to wear. The stalls are already filled with oscypek smoked cheese and ginger biscuits. Fairytale characters wait for kids at Fairytale Wood!
November 23 - December 31

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is one of the most fun reasons to fly to England during the Festive Season. The moment you arrive at the carnival ground decorated with lights, you will encounter an unforgettable scene. It's so beautiful! Horror tunnels, circuses, themed ice-skating performances, a Ferris Wheel which offers a bird's-eye view of the city, prize contests, and ever-riding roller coasters! Lined with hundreds of interesting souvenir shops and small wooden huts that sell mouthwatering delicacies, the park also hosts concerts at the Bavarian Village section. If you wish to sing your own song, pick one of the karaoke huts around the park! Ice sculpture workshops are one of the activities that make this carnival unique!
November 22 - January 6

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