Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, or Mawlana, lived between 1207 and 1273, and was one of the world's greatest scholars, poets, thinkers, and sufis. He accepted the day he would depart from this world as the day he would meet Allah, the dearest lover in his eyes, and named it "Sheb-i Arus," i.e. the wedding night. Putting understanding and tolerance at the heart of his great knowledge and inviting humanity to be moral, Mawlana is commemorated on this special day with Sheb-i Arus ceremonies. Held for the 745th time in Konya, the city where Mawlana spent most of his years and on which he left a deep impression, Sheb-i Arus (or the International Commemoration for the Anniversary of the Ultimate Union) takes place between December 7 and 17 with various events throughout the city. As part of Sheb-i Arus, the city hosts sema ceremonies as well as many events related to art, science, and culture. You can learn more about the detailed schedule of the ceremony at konyakultur.gov.tr which includes symposiums, panels and conferences that comprehensively discuss Mawlana's life and ideas; Mathnawi conversations; concerts; and exhibitions of various branches of art such as calligraphy, marbling, photography, and painting. 

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