Healthy living is no doubt one of the most popular topics of modern times. For healthy living, one must first eat healthily. You can have a more pleasant flight by focusing on the hints about healthy eating while flying.

1. Avoid dehydration by drinking water.
You need to drink a lot of warm water to avoid dehydration during flights. Edemas formed due to dehydration make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
Lack of liquid intake slows down both brain and cardiovascular functions. Research reveals that water intake reduces the risk of heart attack.

2. Don’t consume carbonated beverages if it makes you feel bloated.
The pressure of the cabin space directly affects the digestive system. Low cabin pressure leads to the dilatation of gases, making some passengers feeling uncomfortable despite the regulated cabin pressure.
Keep in mind that carbonated beverages may cause a sense of bloating. You can avoid this by drinking our digestive tea.
3. Movement bears importance.
You can follow various programs in the video “Exercises” we prepared for you. You can find the video under the inflight flygoodfeelgood channel and on our website.

4. Use of artificial sweeteners can affect digestion.
Artificial sweeteners are mostly used by diabetics and people who prefer not to consume sugar. However, research has revealed that artificial sweeteners may cause digestive problems. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the use of sweeteners to avoid digestive problems while flying.

5. Have a relaxing sleep with herbal teas.
Instead of consuming caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea while flying, you can prefer the special herbal tea blends prepared with natural ingredients for Turkish Airlines passengers. Herbal teas help meet the need for water intake.

6. Make sure to eat snacks.
You may need snacks, especially during long flights. Keep in mind to pack nuts, walnuts, almonds, or dried apricots and figs. What is more, consuming these snacks with water makes you feel full.

7. Support your immune system.
To support your immune system during flights and to protect it from germs, you need to have a diet rich in Vitamin C. You can boost your immune system by drinking a glass of fresh orange juice served in our Business Class flights.

8. Prevent ear congestion.
Chewing gum during landing and takeoff opens the eustachian tube and prevents ear congestion. This balances the pressure in your ears and decreases the level of pain you might feel.

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