Welcome Letter

Dear Guests,
Welcome on board!
We strive to make traveling more pleasant for you and are happy to accompany you while you explore the world.
“Five Senses”
In February, we met with millions of people for the third time at the commercial break of this year’s Super Bowl, the final game of the American National Football League. Our Super Bowl excitement began in 2016 with a commercial filmed as part of our sponsorship of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and continued last year with the commercial themes “Widen Your World” starring Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. This year, our commercial “Five Senses,” which features Dr. Mehmet Öz, was broadcast on Super Bowl night. I’d like to repeat the message Dr. Öz shared in the commercial and whose echoes continue to spread, “Get out there, explore. See, smell, hear, taste, touch. Widen your world!” We’re happy to share your joy of exploration and help make your travel experiences perfect.
New Journeys
After commencing flights to Freetown, Sierra Leone in February with the comfort of Turkish Airlines, we continue to add new destinations to our flight network in March. By operating flights to Samarkand in Uzbekistan and Aqaba in Jordan, we invite you to go on new journeys as the airline that flies to more countries than any other in the world. If you wish, as written in our article that explores the historic city of Samarkand in this month’s issue, you can start exploring by entering the doors that open up to the mysteries of the city. Our wide flight network will be further enriched and continue to carry you to your loved ones with the opening of Istanbul New Airport on October 29.
Heroes of Gallipoli
March 18, the anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Gallipoli, once again shows that we have a lot to learn from the legends of this precious land. Regarded as the most strategic front in the course of World War I, Çanakkale is the city of our dear martyrs with its monuments, legends and heroes. Remembering the struggle to defend these lands, we will continue to represent our country in the best way possible. In this regard, we commemorate our martyrs with gratitude and invite you to visit Çanakkale.
Çanakkale is also a city that preserves the traces of various cultures, home to the ancient city where the Trojan War took place as told by Homer in the Iliad. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 2018 as the “Year of Troia” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We hope that you’ll discover new aspects of the ancient culture of Anatolia by attending various events which will be held throughout the year.
I’d like to wish Happy Women’s Day, March 8, to all women who add meaning and grace to our lives, and hope that you’ll explore new worlds with us in March, a month that heralds the arrival of spring.
Have a pleasant flight!

Bilal Ekşi
Deputy Chairman and CEO




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