Due to its geopolitical location and the cultural diversity deriving from its historical ties with different nations, Turkey is still a point of global interest.

Regarding these differences as a richness and living together for centuries, Turkey had a test of democracy witnessed by the whole world and honorably triumphed. 


The coup d'état attempt carried out by a group that disregarded the people's will was defeated by common sense only in a few hours. Starting on the night of July 15, Friday, this unlawful attempt was quickly subdued when the president called the people to the streets on TV. His diligence in the face of these events took effect in all segments of the government, especially among politicians. Proving how important patriotism is for the people, this experience will result in the birth of a generation that will embrace its country more firmly and in the strengthening of democracy. This incident will probably by analyzed in sociological and political contexts in the history of world politics. However, the most important message to remember from all this is that no matter their world view, religious belief, cultural background and educational level, the people of Turkey are very sensitive about the unity of the country and the preservation of the people's will. Turkey celebrated the protection of its free will and right to vote for days and weeks. Filling the streets and squares in every city from morning until night with flags in their hands, millions of people turned the whole country into a festival. The declaration of July 15 as the official commemoration day in order to impart its importance to the next generations is the most evident sign of the importance of this rightful victory of democracy in Turkish history.


From the President

With the latest events, our dear nation once again showed that it will stand against any coup d'état attempt aimed at its will performed by the selected representatives with its spirit of independence and in solidarity. Our nation's noble and determined stance against the vile attempts  is the most evident proof that our country will follow the path of democracy, freedom and development in the future.


From the Prime Minister

Our nation embraced the rule of law in Turkey in all cities and squares, and made a mark in the history of democracy. We set out with the aim of achieving advanced democracy, and thanks to Allah, we've come a long way. I'd like to thank our dear nation once again. Now, the Republic of Turkey is stronger than ever. 


From Ministers

This attempt functioned as a unifier for our people. People from all walks of life came together to stand against it. It was as if political parties were no more and everyone became a member of ‘democracy and people’s will party.

Bekir Bozdağ, Minister of Justice


For the last 13 years, Turkey’s governments have been instilling confidence in markets. Establishing confidence is vital. Only two days after this attempt, Turkey opened its markets.

Turkey has never been a prohibitive country that blocked or limited the flow of capital and has always been instilling confidence by allowing the free flow of capital. From now on, it will be even more so.

Berat Albayrak, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources


Democracy was protected by ordinary citizens opposing the attempt. All political parties in Parliament condemned the attempt in a joint statement. Turkish democracy has once again proved its competence. Turkish media played a key role against the attempt. Turkey will not step back from values such as human rights, rule of law and democracy.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Coups don’t just aim to take over governments. Coups are aimed at destroying people's spirits and habits by eliminating traditions, customs and daily routines. The determination shown here in the Parliament the first day of the events is very important. This is a democracy lesson for not only in this region, it is a lesson of democracy to the whole world.

Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Labour and Social Security


World Press

The New York Times

What happened in Turkey at weekend was proof of Turkey’s commitment to democracy. ...With economic developments, most Turkish people experienced the pride of being ruled by democracy in a geography that was dominated by regional monarch and strong men.


The Sunday Times

The Turks defeated the coup. The decisiveness and courage of the Turkish people beat the coup plotters.


Le Monde

The people stood against the coup. They flooded the streets and suppressed the coup attempt by seizing the tanks upon President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call to action.


From World

Military interference in affairs of any state is unacceptable. It’s essential that civil law and constitutional order is immediately and peacefully restored in harmony within the principles of democracy. 

Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United Nations


The events in Turkey was murder against the Turkish State as well as the Turkish people, its will and right to vote. We fully support the government democratically elected by Turkish citizens.

Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan


I’m pleased with the strong support the Turkish people and political parties showed for the democracy and the democratically elected government.

Jens Stoltenberg Secretary General of NATO


Unconstitutional actions cannot be tolerated. We oppose such violence directed towards the government.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia


The European Union completely supports the democratically elected government of the country, its institutions and the rule of law.

Donald Tusk, European Council President 


Germany stands with the Turkish people who defended democracy and the rule of law.

Angela Merkel,

German Chancellor


It’s satisfying to see the Turkish people stop the this coup attempt, and the democratic political scene and leaders stand against it.

Nils Muiznieks, European Council

Commissioner for Human Rights


After this failed coup attempt, we state that Turkey's constitutional order must be respected and underline the importance of the rule of law.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of United Kingdom


Business World


Boeing and Turkish Airlines share a long history that dates back to 1945 and we are committed to doing everything we can to support one of the world’s great airlines.

We will continue to work closely together to deepen and broaden our areas of cooperation in order to support and enable Turkish Airlines’ near-term and future growth, and are looking forward to playing a key role in its sustained development and success.



The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has long supported efficient air links between Turkey and the world. It continues in this important mission. Air transport connectivity broadly underpin the success of the Turkish economy, which includes vibrant trading tourism sectors.

IATA extends deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who were affected by the test of democracy Turkey went through. It is important that all stakeholders work together to reassure the world that Turkey is stable and open for business and tourism.



Today, the most important indicators of our confidence in Turkey are our total investment of more than 950 million Euros and more than 6,000 employees.



By foiling this attempted coup, Turkey showed the whole world its commitment to multi-party democracy and the rule of law. This paved the way for steps which will further cement democracy, strengthen the economy and the rule of law.



We will continue to expand in Turkey within the companies’ strategy. Turkey is a key and strategic place for BP on a global level.


Pratt & Whitney

The success of Turkey’s aviation sector has been built on healthy economic growth, an impactful workforce and Turkish Airlines’ use of the Istanbul hub. As Pratt & Whitney, we are committed to helping Turkish Airlines -and Turkey- remain at the forefront of the latest technological advances in commercial aviation.



Turkish Airlines is a leading European airline and a highly valued Honeywell partner. We are absolutely committed to maintaining the highest levels of service during these difficult times so that Turkish Airlines can continue its exemplary service to its customers. 



Turkish Airlines and Rolls-Royce are working in close partnership as together we develop the fleet and the airline develops their global business. Together we are maximising aircraft efficiency and availability.  We are committed to continuing to develop our relationship.



We have 30-year operations in Turkey, we will continue to “touch” the lives of Turkish consumers and ease their daily lives with their reliable brands.



We are proud that we invest in Turkey, create more than 5,000 jobs here that we have an understanding of high-quality production, business process and human resources policies. We are determined to progress in this direction. 



Panasonic Avionics Corporation has been a partner of Turkish Airlines for over 20 years. Over that time, we have partnered on a wide range of inflight entertainment and connectivity innovations that have dramatically improved the in-cabin experience for international passengers who fly Turkish Airlines.

Panasonic Avionics looks forward to contributing to Turkey’s 2023 Vision, the success of Turkish Airlines and the economic prosperity of the Republic of Turkey as a strategic innovation partner to Turkish Airlines

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