Algeria is one of the true jewels of Northern Africa. I was lucky enough to experience both the well-known, “touristy” points of interest, along with some pretty special locals-only spots, giving me a true taste of Algiers in a short amount of time.

Upon Arrival - Saturday

If you arrive in the city in the evening as I did, just know the next day will be very busy. On your first morning in Algiers, Bardo National Museum is a wonderful place to start to better understand the cultures, people and traditions of North Africa. The museum is a converted Moorish villa which that once belonged to Prince Omar before the French conquest. 
At Noon - Saturday
Go on a stroll down Didouche Mourad to mix in with the locals, and to visit distinctive Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur and the Museum of Prehistory. This is also prime for some excellent souvenir shopping. Everything from 100% leather handbags, stunning bronze plates and traditional clay cooking pots can be found at the many gift shops located on the street. Afterwards, you can head east a few blocks for magnificent views of the port where small boats are docked. The view resembles a painting with its deep-blue sea and sand-colored stone buildings.
In the Evening - Saturday
Stop by the Hotel Ikram El Dhayf to admire an amazing panoramic view of the city. For the best crepe of your life, make your way over to Crêpa in the Kouba neighborhood. If you’re lucky enough to catch the owner there, Mohammed, ask him for the “Ramblin’ Randy” special crepe. It’ll leave a lasting taste on your palate, and it’s not on the menu. Finish the day at Memorial du Martyr, a 300-foot high monument commemorating the Algerian War of Independence. Painted in purple and yellow in the late afternoon, the monument is surrounded by fireworks on special days.
In the Morning - Sunday
Time to rock the world-famous Casbah. Situated on one of the loveliest Mediterranean shores, this historical town mesmerizes visitors with mosques, fortresses, Ottoman-era structures and palaces. Built with a sense of urban planning ahead of its time, the district still bears the traces of traditional life. Most of the old buildings have been renovated. Marvel at the hand-crafted wooden doors adorned with bronze hinges and antique knockers.
At Noon - Sunday
Head to the Zeghara neighborhood and ride the funicular up the hill for more stunning views; you’ll soar over the park where the original black and white Tarzan movie was filmed. Then cruise over to see the stunning Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), a beautiful Roman Catholic basilica perched upon a cliff, overlooking the sea. 
Before You Leave - Sunday
You’ve accomplished a lot! Surely you will have worked up quite an appetite, so feed your body some much needed protein on the way back to the airport: grab your final bite at BBQ Ahmed, in the Les Eucalyptus suburb. I recommend the lamb skewers or a local interpretation of shakshuka, French bread and soup—a great final taste of Algiers. 

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