Turkish Olympiad Enthusiasm

July 2012

In its 10th year, the Turkish Airlines-sponsored International Turkish Olympiad was held again this year on 65 stages in a total of 41 provinces mainly in Ankara and Istanbul. Magnificent special 10th anniversary shows and performances marked the event, which took place in a festive atmosphere. The lstanbul “Love and Peace” Culture Fest was a scene of lively activity. The children who came to Turkey to take part in the 10th Turkish Olympiad paid a visit to the Chairman of Turkish Airlines’ Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Hamdi Topçu, and Deputy Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Cemal Şanlı. Pointing out that the number of people who know and love Turkish is increasing by the day, Topçu said, “It gives us pride when students address us in Turkish. I would like to thank the teachers who contributed and all those who organized the event.”