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    1- CANNES - Awarding the Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan with Palme d’Or last year and home to the best of the European cinema, the Cannes Film Festival once more offers a satisfying schedule....
  • 1- Organized in collaboration with ISTANBUL’74 and W Magazine, the Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival celebrates its fifth year, under the theme “Dialogues on Realism in Arts...


  • Calm, Cool And Immersive: Kosovo

    Calm, Cool And Immersive: Kosovo

    Kosovo is an unforgettable country not only for its history and cultural riches but for its sightseeing as well. We begin our trip in Kosovo, at the heart of the Balkans, by setting out from Pristina Adem Jashari Airport. Next, we stand in front of the famous Newborn Memorial erected as a symbol of the country’s independence. Having become an...


  • Following History

    Following History

    Reinterpreting glass as an artwork by using traditional and contemporary themes, Decorium turned it into an elegant design in history with handcraft. Reflecting the glorious elegance of the Ottomans, Life Collection consists of designs which you can use in daily life and which will add value to your presentations in special occasions....
  • Fragile Patterns Of History

    Fragile Patterns Of History

    It is not possible to separate the tulips, towers, bridges and patterns that encircle Istanbul from the ancient city. Turkish painter İsmail Acar gives new meaning to these interconnecting elements in his artworks.


  • Goran Bregović Music With Balkan Spirit

    Goran Bregović Music With Balkan Spirit

    How do you feel when you are in Turkey? Do you like being in a place that retains a mix of Anatolian, Western, Balkan and gypsy soul?It is so easy to be in love with Turkey because of this balance between a fast pace and being easygoing, which is so difficult to find in the modern world. I am from Sarajevo, and my city was always considered like...
  • From Records To Plane

    From Records To Plane

    How did you become interested in music? Can you tell us a bit about your journey?I started playing mandolin with the encouragement of my family and my music teacher. After graduating from the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory, I became an instructor. I started working as a TRT (Turkish Radio and Television...
  • History Hidden In The Déclencheur

    History Hidden In The Déclencheur

    How did you start working as a museum and auction photographer?My father was an expert photographer working on art history, antiques and archaeology. He photographed every inch of Turkey that’s archaeologically significant. My father’s interest in this work drew me closer, and I thought, I should be doing this as well. What is special about...


  • Cold Soup On A Hot Day

    Cold Soup On A Hot Day

    Yoghurt, boiled or raw vegetables, some spices and a few pieces of ice… Cold soups are one of the favorites of the refreshing delicacies on hot summer days. They not only prepare our stomach before the main course but also makes it easier to digest the meal. Though it’s mostly preferred during summer, you can cook various recipes with...
  • Feast Tables

    Feast Tables

    The religious and social meanings that are attributed to feasts are what make them feasts. On these special days, “Feast Tables” shine out. The dishes and the deep fried meat that are prepared with the meat of sacrificed animals in the Feast of Sacrifice; the desserts, syrups, pastries and main courses that are prepared for Ramadan; or in...


  • FEI European Championships Aachen 2015

    FEI European Championships Aachen 2015

    FEI European Championships 2015 will take place in Aachen this year and the events will draw all the attention again. The festival comprises five different equestrian disciplines – show jumping, dressage, four-in-hand driving, vaulting and reining. The best riders will compete in different disciplines for 13 days. Regarded as one of the...
  • Prince Islands In 12 Hours

    Prince Islands In 12 Hours

    KINALIADABegin your journey with Kınalıada, the closest of the islands to the mainland. The first thing to know is that motor vehicles are not allowed on the islands. When you arrive at Kınalıada, Sirakyan Twin Houses greet you. After visiting Kınalıada Mosque, which is located opposite and is notable for its architecture, head to...
  • Chasing The Colors In Water

    Chasing The Colors In Water

    Organized by Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, Altın Palet Underwater Photography Championship will be held in Izmir, Seferihsiar between September 30 and October 3.  Organized for the 10th time this year, this championship will host athletes from all over Turkey.  There will be four diving in two days in the colorful underwater...