• 1. Drop by Küçükçiftlik Park to see Mamut Art Project bringing 55 young artists together with collectors, galleries, foundations of culture and arts, and art-lovers.March 26-29mamutartproject.com

    4 Cities

    PARIS - Gathering 140 galleries from 20 different countries at the Grand Palais, this year Art Paris Art Fair’s guests of honor are Singapore and Southeast Asia.March 26-29artparis.fr


  • Welcome To Nollywood

    Welcome To Nollywood

    One of the most beautiful countries in West Africa, Nigeria is home to Nollywood, the second-biggest movie-industry center in the world, after Bollywood. The capital Abuja is among the centers of this industry. 


  • A Bridge Between Civilizations

    A Bridge Between Civilizations

    Designed by Fumihiko Maki, Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, and taking light as the source of inspiration, the Aga Khan Museum provides a different perspective on the Islamic arts, exhibiting thousands of ceramic, metal, ivory, stone, wooden and glass handicrafts and carpets.
  • Istanbul in 10 Frames

    Istanbul in 10 Frames

    ORTAKÖY SQUAREAn old woman feeding  seeds to the birds by hand, or a newly-wed couple posing for photographers… each time, Ortaköy Square welcomes you with a new surprise. There can’t be a better place to start our photography tour than with the Bosphorus and Ortaköy Mosque in the background.


  • Gripin Loves the States

    Gripin Loves the States

    S: What is the story of the band’s name?C: Birol Namoğlu: There is a connection between the attitude of the band and its name. Coincidences, apathy and being late play a major part in our lives. It’s the same with the name of the band – it’s a name we came up with just before our first performance. After that, it brought us good fortune...
  • From Clay to Art

    From Clay to Art

    Q: When did you start to create your brand?A:After I started working at the atelier, I realized that I really missed working with clay, and the process picked up some speed. In 2013, I started making my own ceramic work. The whole process of design and manufacture belongs to me and they’re all handmade.
  • Burhan Öçal's Zurich

    Burhan Öçal's Zurich

    Zurich is the place that shaped my musical career, where I became a worldwide musician. Art galleries and art spaces of different sizes allow you to live inside art. Kunsthaus is a world-famous art museum in Zurich that must be visited. If you would like to crown your visual feast with good food, I recommend the Kronenhalle Restaurant in...


  • An Extraordinary Taste of The Sea

    An Extraordinary Taste of The Sea

    Surrounded by three very different seas, our country is blessed with an amazing array of seafood. Having spent my childhood and adolescence in the coastal district of Yeşilköy in Istanbul, I feel lucky to have had the chance to familiarize myself with all the offerings of the sea. That explains my lifelong passion for seafood, especially what...
  • Gastronomic Capital of the World

    Gastronomic Capital of the World

    If you’d like to try specialties from the world cuisine harmonized with the special touches of the Far East, in addition to the traditional Japanese cuisine, Kansai is the right place for you. Hosting the most number of restaurant with the Michelin star in the world, all the cities in Kansai with its center Osaka, particularly Kyoto, Kobe and...


  • On Planned Growth

    On Planned Growth

    LC Waikiki is among the prominent fashion retails in Turkey. Although it was born abroad, it became a strong Turkish brand in a short time. What lies at the heart of this success?As LC Waikiki, we came from a group which has a strong manufacture substructure and capability. Having set off with the philosophy “Everyone has the right to dress...
  • On The Edge of The Second Digital Revolution The Internet of Things

    On The Edge of The Second Digital Revolution The Internet of Things

    The first digital revolution was driven by greater interconnections between people through the Internet and the web. This revolution provided the backbone that made it possible to create a truly global community.
  • Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence

    Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence

    There seems to be wide support for the idea that we are living in an “age of complexity”, which implies that the world has never been more intricate. This idea is based on the rapid pace of technological changes, and the vast amount of information that we are generating (the two are related). Yet consider that philosophers like Leibniz (17th...