•     The prestigious BP Portrait Award brings together the most exquisite examples of contemporary portrait painting. Held for the 37th time, the event is attended by artists from 80...
  •   Wireless gadgets may be practical and useful but they sometimes fall behind their cable predecessors in terms of performance. Bluetooth earbuds used to be like that – until the arrival of...


  • Fishermen in Greenland

    Fishermen in Greenland

    Greenland may be the largest island in the world but it’s known for its crust of ice and long nights. It’s a cold and quiet world. You may tell the ice-covered island of the Arctic Sea, whose name is enough to chill you to the bones, “I cannot stay here more than three days,” but in addition to the cold and white images in your mind,...


  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

      Born on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, the talented young boxer stood out among thousands of athletes in a very short time and participated in the Rome Olympics. Angelo Dundee was behind the most prominent achievements in Ali’s career. Thanks to this great supporter, Ali won all the professional matches he played between 1960 and...
  • The Idea of North Visits Toronto

    The Idea of North Visits Toronto

      Held at Ontario Art Gallery, the exhibition The Idea of North: Lawren Harris hosts more than 80 pieces by the artist.


  • Habitat Builders

    Habitat Builders

    Bünyamin Derman  The architect of Vodafone Arena (formerly known as BJK İnönü Stadium), Bünyamin Derman is inspired by the past, culture and dreams. What were the key points you considered while preparing the Vodafone Arena project? We designed Vodafone Arena by considering the values and importance of the Beşiktaş Gymnastics...
  • Paper Trails

    Paper Trails

      One of Turkey’s most popular ancient crafts, ebru or ebri (marbling) has been practiced here since the 17th century and revered ever since for its unique and elegant appearance. The momentary shaping of colorful droplets of paint floating in water result in one-of-a-kind artworks. To produce pieces like these, technical know-how is an...
  • The Meals with History

    The Meals with History

      Denizli, meaning “by the sea” -an interesting name for a city without any borders to the sea - is famous for its rooster, rich cuisine, ever-stretching cotton-white and elegant travertines, sulphur-smelling caves frozen in deposits, and the remains of the past ages…  What awaits to be explored in Denizli? Dating before the...


  • Introduction to Cypriot Cuisine

    Introduction to Cypriot Cuisine

      The excitement of exploring a new region takes over as our plane lands in Northern Cyprus. We reach the hotel towards sunset, engrossed in a conversation with the playful shadows of the Beşparmak (Five Fingers) Mountains in the background. Stretching parallel to the sea along the island’s coast, this mountain range really resembles...
  • Gaziantep on the Way to Prosperity

    Gaziantep on the Way to Prosperity

      Gaziantep is a large and rooted city. Throughout history, it has smartly utilized its geographical advantages, served as the heart of commerce in the region, produced more and become richer. Its direction towards arts has turned it into a hub of culture and civilization. This is why in the course of time it has always been a prominent...


  • Who Has the Prettiest Face?

        The prestigious BP Portrait Award brings together the most exquisite examples of contemporary portrait painting. Held for the 37th time, the event is attended by artists from 80 countries who compete for the award.
  • The Largest of the Prince Islands

    The Largest of the Prince Islands

      Let’s go back years in time. The ferry trips to the islands have just started. The island streets aren’t filled with people, as they are now, especially on weekends. A very genteel group goes on sunset strolls, gazing at the shores across. They’ve managed not to get accustomed to these wonderful views though they are a part of...
  • Celebrating Eid in Istanbul

    Celebrating Eid in Istanbul

      DISCOVER Istanbul has many picnic and entertainment areas that let people relax in a cool and calm atmosphere during summer. Amusement parks where the joy of Eid blends with the cheering voices of children are the best places to experience Eid in Istanbul. You can have a great time at Bostancı Amusement Park, Vialand and Beylikdüzü...