• Visit the exhibition A Drop of Pleasure, which portrays the 500-year story of Turkish coffee and culture at the Topkapı Palace Museum.February 21 – June 15topkapisarayi.gov.tr  

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    BUENOS AIRESThe most prestigious independent film festival in Latin America, the Buenos Aires Film Festival hosts both world premiers and timeless classics.April 15 – 26bafici.gov.ar


  • Leipzig The Music Of History

    Leipzig The Music Of History

    I wonder who will reach me first  – the accordion player, or the waiter bringing my lunch? As I sit outside Zill’s Tunnel, a popular restaurant in the German city of Leipzig, I can see the accordion player making his way between restaurant tables on each side of the narrow lane. His music floats across the tightly-packed seating, as...


  • A Bridge Between Civilizations

    A Bridge Between Civilizations

    Designed by Fumihiko Maki, Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, and taking light as the source of inspiration, the Aga Khan Museum provides a different perspective on the Islamic arts, exhibiting thousands of ceramic, metal, ivory, stone, wooden and glass handicrafts and carpets.
  • Istanbul in 10 Frames

    Istanbul in 10 Frames

    ORTAKÖY SQUAREAn old woman feeding  seeds to the birds by hand, or a newly-wed couple posing for photographers… each time, Ortaköy Square welcomes you with a new surprise. There can’t be a better place to start our photography tour than with the Bosphorus and Ortaköy Mosque in the background.


  • Be The Key To Goodness

    Be The Key To Goodness

    How does Islam define goodness, and what kind of responsibilities does it put on the individual?In the Islamic civilization, goodness is the purpose of all existence. Humans exist in order to do good, right, nice, beneficial and useful things, and to struggle with bad, wrong, ugly, malevolent and harmful things. According to Islam, it’s not...
  • İstanbul From Sinan’s minarets

    İstanbul From Sinan’s minarets

    How did the project 5 Centuries Later 4 Seasons in Istanbul from Sinan’s Minarets come about?After I graduated from college and came to Istanbul, whenever I looked at the Historical Peninsula or took a walk around the city walls, I always wondered how the city would look from the minarets. I gained experience by taking time-lapse videos at...
  • Gripin Loves the States

    Gripin Loves the States

    S: What is the story of the band’s name?C: Birol Namoğlu: There is a connection between the attitude of the band and its name. Coincidences, apathy and being late play a major part in our lives. It’s the same with the name of the band – it’s a name we came up with just before our first performance. After that, it brought us good fortune...


  • Recipes For Spring

    Recipes For Spring

    Considering its offers, the spring has been accepted as the beginning of new year since the very early ages of mankind. Naturally, the spring arrives on different dates to different parts of the world. However, the feelings of welcoming this season will spread the globe. As the sun starts warming our bones, the days get longer, the trees get...
  • An Extraordinary Taste of The Sea

    An Extraordinary Taste of The Sea

    Surrounded by three very different seas, our country is blessed with an amazing array of seafood. Having spent my childhood and adolescence in the coastal district of Yeşilköy in Istanbul, I feel lucky to have had the chance to familiarize myself with all the offerings of the sea. That explains my lifelong passion for seafood, especially what...


  • On Planned Growth

    On Planned Growth

    LC Waikiki is among the prominent fashion retails in Turkey. Although it was born abroad, it became a strong Turkish brand in a short time. What lies at the heart of this success?As LC Waikiki, we came from a group which has a strong manufacture substructure and capability. Having set off with the philosophy “Everyone has the right to dress...
  • On The Edge of The Second Digital Revolution The Internet of Things

    On The Edge of The Second Digital Revolution The Internet of Things

    The first digital revolution was driven by greater interconnections between people through the Internet and the web. This revolution provided the backbone that made it possible to create a truly global community.
  • Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence

    Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence

    There seems to be wide support for the idea that we are living in an “age of complexity”, which implies that the world has never been more intricate. This idea is based on the rapid pace of technological changes, and the vast amount of information that we are generating (the two are related). Yet consider that philosophers like Leibniz (17th...