•   The luxury hotel group Aman has opened a new resort in Amanemu, Japan. Book in now for traditional Japanese relaxation. It’s just a three-hour drive away from Osaka!   Amanemu,...
  • Though he was never professionally trained in music, Frank Sinatra had the innate ability to read notes, and he worked hard to develop his musical skills at an early age. Throughout his career,...


  • Nepal: More than mountains

    Nepal: More than mountains

    Kathmandu which contains Nepal’s only international airport, is the gateway to this stunning country and its beautiful trails. I first came here on my way to Everest Base Camp twelve years ago, and have visited many times since, lured in by the city's labyrinth of ancient streets and temples, its bustling shops and its cosmopolitan cafés and...


  • The Artistic Form of Paper

    The Artistic Form of Paper

    The art of kat’i, a kind of paper engraving, is one of the most nuanced and colored crafts to have been passed on to contemporary artisans from the Ottoman nakışhane (vignette) tradition. Requiring great skill and even greater patience, the art form demonstrates the value that previous generations of Turkish people have placed on holy texts...
  • The Hill that Changed History

    The Hill that Changed History

    This time, the reason I wanted to visit southeastern Turkey, which I find more and more impressive with each trip, was to visit the Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site, widely regarded as one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of recent times. On our drive out of the nearby city of Şanlıurfa, I keep asking, “Is this it?” every time we...


  • Making the Cut

    Making the Cut

      For years, barbershops have played a central role in the streets of urban America. All of the New York shops on the following pages serve as the social focal point of the surrounding community. From the neighborhoods of Crown Heights to Spanish Harlem, these shops invite us into their area’s history, people and culture through the form...
  • A Journey into Science

    A Journey into Science

    Could you tell us about your studies?My primary field of study is to measure atomic vibrations in proteins, metals or in minerals and determine how the surrounding molecules and atoms influence them. Therefore, we gain information about the binding forces among atoms. These data helps us to understand how proteins and enzymes work, the atomic...
  • Shine Bright

    Shine Bright

    Müge Onan-MONAN Jewelry Designer  After working in the jewelry industry for more than 10  years, Müge Onan decided to create her own brand, Monan, a name that combines her inital and her last name. She now designs eye-catching jewelry pieces that bring diamonds together with colourful precious stones such as emeralds and...


  • A City of Rivers

    A City of Rivers

    The climate in Kahramanmaraş is a transitional mixture of Central Anatolia and Mediterranean climate, with a constant breeze from the mountain valleys. Mentioned in various local songs, this ceaseless breeze is also known as Garbi Yeli (western wind). Experiencing all four seasons throughout the year, Kahramanmaraş is a meeting point of...
  • Recipes From Physicians

    Recipes From Physicians

    Turkish cuisine finds itself a place in detail in works written by all travelers who visited the Ottoman Empire. Today, we learn more and more about this cuisine as culinary researches go deeper.  Most of the recipes and cook books were written by physicians in the old times. Thus, the royal kitchen served different purposes. For example,...


  • A Reflection of the American Dream

    A Reflection of the American Dream

    Though he was never professionally trained in music, Frank Sinatra had the innate ability to read notes, and he worked hard to develop his musical skills at an early age. Throughout his career, Sinatra was always under the spotlight due to the high-quality, sensational music he created. His first hit, All or Nothing at All, was recorded by...
  • The Golden Bear is With Us

    The Golden Bear is With Us

      Presenting the 66th Golden Bear award this year, Berlinale opens with Hail, Caesar! by Joel and Ethan Coen.     berlinale.de 11—21 February
  • An Art Tour in Morocco

    An Art Tour in Morocco

      Don’t miss the 6th Marrakech Biennial. This year the theme is Not New Now, which brings together artworks from a variety of disciplines.    marrakechbiennale.org February 24 – May 8