• Mounted by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, September 15 to 21, the 21st International Golden Boll Film Festival continues to contribute to the development and promotion of Turkish cinema....
  • Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival, which has been bringing cinéphiles closer to Turkish film for years, is awaiting film buffs again this year with a jam-packed program featuring the “Golden Apple...


  • The Great Meeting In The Holy Land

    The Great Meeting In The Holy Land

    The Hajj is a form of worship that gives Muslims the honor of being present in person at the Ka’aba, to which they turn in prayer five times a day. Leaving their homes all over the world, Muslims cast aside their everyday garments to don the seamless ihram and circumambulate the qibla of Islam, which was erected by the Prophet Abraham and his...


  • Parion An Ancient City Comes To Light

    Parion An Ancient City Comes To Light

    Founded in 709 B.C., the ancient city of Parion is located in the village of Kemer in the township of Biga in Çanakkale province. A major coastal city with two harbors in the Roman period, Parion had intensive relations with Thrace and Anatolia throughout history. This was the main customs station through which all Istanbul-bound goods from...
  • The World Of Ottoman Entertainment

    The World Of Ottoman Entertainment

    As its title indicates, “Celebration, Entertainment and Theater in the Ottoman World” takes up the subject of entertainment and celebrations in the Ottoman Empire. This book, which tells the story of the “fun times” that were had in Ottoman public space through rich visual content, is an excellent reference.


  • It’s Going To Be An Unforgettable Championship

    It’s Going To Be An Unforgettable Championship

    Ceyhun YıldızoğluWhy was Bormio chosen for the camp? We thought it would be a good place in terms of giving us a chance to play matches against other teams that are training there. Since the weight room and the gym are in the same venue, it was no problem. What do you think of the fact that global brands are investing in sports,...
  • Turkey’s New Students

    Turkey’s New Students

    The number of international students who are choosing Turkey appears to have risen in recent years. Why the increase?The main reason international students are choosing Turkey is the quality of Turkish higher education, which has also been certified by the international accreditation organizations. Not only that, thanks to the international...
  • “Touching” The Soul

    “Touching” The Soul

    First of all, tell us why you are not inclined to make many albums?Erkan Oğur: I’m someone who believes that recording has killed music. I think it’s wrong to package up a piece of music and listen to it over and over again in exactly the same way. Music should be alive, living and flowing in time, so that the same thing is never...


  • Piping Hot Soups

    Piping Hot Soups

    One of the oldest known dishes, which has graced tables for thousands of years, soup in Turkish takes it name from the Persian "shorba", meaning a liquid dish made with meat or vegetables. Mixed with grains and consumed as porridge in the beginning, it diversified with time. Soup (çorba in Turkish) is a traditional first course in Turkey....
  • Summer Desserts

    Summer Desserts

    Summer desserts in the old days were made with snow, pristine snow from high in the mountains, which had a fantastic taste when topped with jam or fresh fruit syrup. During the reign of Beyazıt II, the “Imperial Snow Factory” was set up in connection with the Palace in Istanbul to supply the requisite snow for the summer.


  • Get Your Brain Unstuck

    Get Your Brain Unstuck

    Your wife calls, asking if she should wait up. “Leaving any minute,” you tell her, staring up at an empty screen. You haven’t produced anything substantive for hours. Yet for reasons you can’t understand, it’s been impossible to walk away. Even now, the answer seems so close. If your work involves creative thinking, you are bound...
  • Yes, You Can Make Meetings More Productive

    Yes, You Can Make Meetings More Productive

    High human capital productivity — one key to great financial results — requires hiring the right people, teaming them effectively, and eliminating organizational barriers to high performance. It also requires paying close attention to how people in the organization interact. At many companies, they’re spending way too much time answering...
  • What Gets In The Way Of Listening?

    What Gets In The Way Of Listening?

    As your role grows in scale and influence, so too must your ability to listen. But listening is one of the toughest skills to master — and requires uncovering deeper barriers within oneself. Take, for example, our client, Janet, a successful principal in a management consulting firm. She recently received 360-degree feedback from...